P - Produced / CP - Co-Produced / E - Engineered
CE - Co-Engineered / W - Writing / M- Mix
MA - Master / PP - Post Production


Anchor the Vessel - EP (M, MA)
Kings Amongst Men - Single (P, E, M, MA, W, PP)
InGhosts - Survive; Define (CP, CE, W, PP)


Achiever - EP TBA (P, E, M, MA)
Bare Knuckle Hooligans - Album TBA (E, M, MA)
Dad Jokes - 2 Old 2 Skate (E, M, MA)
InGhosts - Album TBA (CP, E, W, PP)
Kings Amongst Men - Foundations (P, E, M, W, MA, PP)
New Age Curse - No White Flags (P, E, M, W, MA, PP)


In Ghosts - Still Breathing (CP, CE, W, PP)
Dogma - Indigenous [Remix] (M, MA)
New Age Curse - Good as Dead (P, E, M, MA, PP)
Prizefighter - 8/18 [Single] (P, E, M, MA)
Slave to a Goddess - The Reveler [Single] (P, E, M, MA)
Trash the Dress - Honorable Mention [Single] (P, E, W, M, MA)
The Weight of Us - Chapters [Special Edition] (P, E, W, M, MA)
The Weight of Us - Conceiver [Single] (P, E, W, M, MA)



Trash the Dress - Empty Basements (CP, W)
William Bonney - Dope Castle [Single] (E, W, M, MA)
Disowner - Disconnected (E, M, MA)
Park Jefferson - Park Jefferson (M, MA)
NoHealth - Lifelike (E, M, MA)
Sand Castles - Sand Castles (P, E, W, M, MA)
Ask the Why - [Singles] - (E, M, MA)
Dismiss the Situation - Relations [Single] (E, M, MA)
Aaron Jennings - XOXO EP (P, E, M, MA, PP)
Baseball, But Better - Hometown Heroes (E, M)
Our Hero's End - Walkers [Single] (P, W, M, MA)
Verge of Insanity - Reform (E, M, MA)


Park Jefferson - Weekdays (E, M, MA)
William Bonney - Good Vibes (P. E, W, M, MA)
December Malice - Rest Assured (P, E, M, MA, PP)
Our Hero's End - Birds Without Wings (P, E, W, M, MA)




Disowner - Parasitic [Single] (M, MA)
InGhosts - Still Breathing [Deluxe Edition] (CP, E, W)
Kama - Sidewalks (P, E, M, MA)
Ethereal Ruination - Cutthroat [Single] (P, E)
Lucas Miner - Singles (E, M, MA)
Sleep No More - Losing Clarity (E, M, MA)
The Stinson Missile Crisis - Slapsgiving (P, E, M, MA, PP)
Transformation Worship Band - Singles (P, E, M, MA)


Chin Up - Mahen (E, M, MA)
InGhosts - Home [Single] (CP, CE, PP)
InGhosts - Vengeance [Single] (P, E, PP)
Among the Brave - Origins [Re-Release] (M, MA)
Disowner - Gravedigger [Single] (E, M, MA, PP)
Jimmy Infinity - Jimmy Infinity (P, E, W, M, MA)
No Health - Deathrattle (E, M, MA)
Humanity Level - Impression of Resonance (P, E, M, MA, PP)
The Weight of Us - Chapters (P, E, W, M, MA)


Analecta - Cats (E, M, MA)
Chin Up - Cats (E, M, MA)
Droughts - Split (MA)
If All Goes Down [Singles] (P, E, W, M, MA)
Resist the Undertow - Visions (CP, E, W)
Of Flight & Failure - Frustration [Single]  (P, E, W, M, MA, PP)
Of Flight & Failure - Heroes and Villains (P, E, W, M, MA, PP)
Park Jefferson - Childhood [Single] (E, W, M, MA)
Sand Castles - Apologies (P, E, W, M, MA)
Trash the Dress - Why Do I Do the Things I Hate? (CP, W)
William Bonney - Split (P, E, W, M, MA)


Breaking Tides - With Open Hands
Trash the Dress - Lincoln's Boyhood Home (P, E, M, MA)
Tonight, the Sky! - Creating Ourselves (P, E, W)
Tonight, the Sky! - The Good News Is... (P, E, W, M, MA)