The Producer takes the role of guiding your project to it's destination, knowing how to do it properly financially, mentally and physically. The producer knows what will work best for your project in terms of engineering, mixing and mastering and has the means to hire those people (if he/she is not acting as them him/herself) to do it the way it needs to be done to accomplish the goals of both the artist and the producer. The producer should understand the artist's needs (or be ready to ignore them if the artist is trying to reach a new audience) and be able make crucial decisions to better the project. 


The Mix Engineer's responsibility is to take the above mentioned edited recordings and mix it to better fit the the goal of the artist and producer, blend within itself as well as other related songs, and overall improve the sonic quality of each individual track.


As simple as it sounds, the writer (often the artist, or a collaboration of artists) is the person(s) responsible for writing the song(s). It is NOT the responsibility of the Producers or Engineers unless it is worked out in advance. I (Mike) am always willing to help write and make changes but this is an additional service that must be requested or worked out in paperwork during tracking.


The Engineer's responsibility is to record and edit your performances, set up the gear necessary to capture those performances, and follow the producers orders to capture the song in the way the producer wants the song to be captured.


The Mastering Engineer's responsibility is to take the finished mixes, balance out the frequencies and boost the volume to industry level standards. It is also his/her responsibility to make each song sound like a collective of works (songs sound similar to other related songs) and make your product translate well on various playback systems.

Post Production

Adding Synth, Strings, Bass Drops, Piano, or any other instruments you want added to the project. Included in engineering but not mixing agreements. If the artist knows exactly what is wanted, no writing charge will be added. If the engineer is writing in the Post FX additional charges must be worked out in advance.