Mike Kenway

Producer and Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer

There's so many engineers just starting out in their bedrooms, basements, garages and closets these days that it can be hard to find quality work. Everyone starts somewhere, but you shouldn't be trusting someone who just bought their first copy of Pro Tools with your bands career, nor should you have to break the bank to get a quality recording.

I've been working with local bands, signed and unsigned national artists and everything in between for a little over a decade. If I've learned anything in that time it's that every band needs in own sound, and it's own production value. I'm here to take you and your songs to the next level. As a multi-instrumentalist with over a decade of experience, I've got what it takes to help write, arrange, and even perform parts to make sure you get the sound you want and deserve on your record. Finances an issue? Let's talk, I've been working out payment plans for bands for years. Time to make your project a reality. 



What My Clients are Telling Me

"Mike took our songs to a whole new level. As soon as we got started he was helping us smooth out transitions, adding FX in the background to make things sound more full, and even rewriting parts that just didn't fit as well as they could. I'm so excited to release what we have so we can come back and do it again."

-Jacob from Kings Amongst Men


"I don't even know what to say. Our album doesn't sound anything like it did when we started, and I couldn't be happier. Mike is a ridiculously talented writer and arranger, and his attention to detail couldn't be more spot on. Our songs seriously came to life when we got into the studio, and we learned so much. Super thankful to have his hands on our project."

-Ray from New Age Curse

"Working with Mike was a totally different experience from what I've had in the studio previously. He's 100% about getting every take perfect until we're happy with what it sounds like. It was weird working with someone who actually cared about our end product and songs as much as we did."

- Austin from Ethereal Ruination


A Few Minutes from DownTown FORT WAYNE

Plenty of great food and entertainment nearby for you to enjoy while you're in town. A good number of local food joints and all the normal chain restaurants as well. Be sure to visit Pint n' Slice and at least one of the Escape Rooms while you're here. 


Out of Town? Don't Even Worry About It

If you need a place to stay during your studio time, it gets built into the cost and everything is taken care of for you to live comfortably at a place nearby so you can focus on what's important - creating an album you can believe in.